Safe Storage for your precious content: our Archive





Historical film or audio material is buried in many companies archives, and on many occasions, including e.g. anniversaries it becomes interesting. Our customers benefit from our expertise in viewing, saving, restoring and composing historic moving pictures.


35mm, 16mm, negative or positive, sound recording film oder old magnetic audio tapes with and without perforation, even 8 mm film with perforation at the border or in the middle - we own and operate ready-to-use monitoring and editing equipment, but whats much more important: at INDOC, more than 50 Years of know-how are used, preserved and passed on, to handle and judge this material and to use it in designing something new.


In our own archive we store the valuable material of our customers, who entrust us to take care of histories of entire corporations in moving pictures - in any format from many decades old historic film rolls to LTO-6 Tapes with the latest productions.