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Video is becoming increasingly important in the communication of companies and institutions. More and more companies and institutions are starting to use professional distribution tools. They are using video journalists for internal and external communications, helping them to expand the moving picture space, and they are beginning to produce more and more video content in different departments, because it seems to be cheaper and easier than ever before. And finally they try to keep up with changing trends, but ...


... sometimes there is too little strategic planning and background knowledge to be 100% successful.


This is where TheNewsAcademy, a service jointly developed by INDOC and TheNewsMarket jumps in. We offer more than 15 years of experience in content distribution, some decades of experience in creating content and a great international team of specialists. TheNewsAcademy helps with external support, workshops, training and strategic consulting.




We offer:


  • Screening of existing content and evaluation of its use in various areas of communication
  • Workshops on the development of a moving image strategy within the company / the institution beyond the boundaries of different communication departments
  • Tips on how to curate content effectively
  • Seminars on storytelling, production preparation, rights management, international distribution tools ...
  • Trainings for the production of content, which can be reused for different purposes
  • Trainings on how to pack content to make it interesting for journalists and their target groups
  • Workshop on the different types of content and their relevance to the different channels (TV, online), including social media
  • Camera training
  • Tailor-made workshops and trainings that connect parts of the above mentioned programs and more.